“My kids absolutely loved Rooks To Cooks and chef Shai!

If your kids are picky eaters, you should definitely try this class – chef Shai will get them to try anything, and I mean anything! By the end of her class, my child, who would only eat pasta (no sauce), made his own sushi and ate it too!

The summer camp is also great, the pop-up restaurant at the end of the week is awesome. It’s a full scale production and kids have a blast.

Definitely recommend it!”

-Alexandra Fatemi 

“My daughter went to the Leslieville location this summer and had an amazing time. She says it was her favorite camp and she learned practical life skills. Not to mention she can now make desserts for the family : ). We enjoyed all the different stuff she brought home daily and appreciated that fact that she was fed lunch every day so no packing lunches!!”

-Julie Lynas 

“Our sports kid broke his arm the week before camp, but that didnt seem to affect his experience. Thanks so much to the super accommodating and caring staff. He enthusiastically recounted his day and reproduced recipes every night at home. What a surprising frontrunner for favorite camp of the summer! Thanks for all the great meals!! (Beaches location)”

-Angie Athanasopoulos 

“My daughter Sophie learned so much during her week at Rooks to Cooks and also had such an amazing time! She developed a love for cooking and even cooked us dinner at home.

Chef Shai was very accommodating, supportive and very enthusiastic in ensuring that the children enjoyed their experiences! I’d certainly send Sophie back next summer. I wish Rooks to Cooks would offer cooking classes during the year for children! AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!!!”

-Gayle David 


“Rooks to Cooks was by far our son’s best experience at camp to date. He came home brimming with pride every day, so excited to show us his delicious creations. I am amazed by the skills he learned and can’t wait for him to do more of your programs. The staff at the High Park/Bloor West location were incredible and made every day a joy. Thanks for a wonderful week of cooking. Can’t wait for next summer!”

-With Care 

“Both my 7yrs old rated Rooks to Cooks (Markham) as the top summer they went to this summer. They have gain lots of confidence in the kitchen as well as starting to offer help with dishes and cooking. Can’t wait to sign up for the next summer!!”

-Wilma Kwan 

“Wow – this camp is absolutely fantastic. If your kid likes cooking – then definitely send them here! The program’s attention to detail and responsiveness is unreal and unlike ANY other camp we have attended. The recipes, the qualifications, professionalism and enthusiasm of the staff, and the amazing pop up resto on the last night have kids working towards a master goal. Absolutely brilliant! My daughter was waiting at the door each morning, fully packed- begging me to go! She even came home and washed up her own Tupperware each day with no prompting. Talk about life skills. One would have no idea that this is only their second year of operations! Just wow!! (We did the North York location)”

-Sugy Kodeeswaran 

“This was one of the best camps our kids have attended! It was so well organized and well planned out. The kids learned so much about the whole baking process and the food they made was so delicious. The pop cafe was a wonderful idea and we got to see the supportive, hardworking and fun environment that Chef Charlotte and the other chefs created. We loved that lunches were included too. We would highly recommend this camp!”

-Heidi McMahon 

“My son attended summer camp at High Park North location. He loved the experience and his confidence in the kitchen has grown tremendously. He is able to come up with recipes that actually work based on his experience and learning- it’s very amazing to watch! The staff were lovely and took great care. We had treats to enjoy from the day’s cooking, and conversations around it at the dinner table. The pop-up restaurant to end the week was the cherry on the cake- the kids pulled off a great event which was such a moment of pride and joy for us parents!”

-Surabhi Pandey 

“This camp was incredibly well managed, and the types of food prepared were way beyond anything we imagined from a kids cooking camp! The councilors are amazing – knowledge, friendly, and super fun. As a parent, I particularly appreciated their focus on kitchen safety. My daughter took so much away from her week and is now helping to prepare food at home. She can’t wait to go back again next year.” 

-Jennifer Siripong Mandel