Cooking Summer Camps at Richmond Hill

Kids summer camps near you for your children age 6 and up!


Get your kid cooking at a Rooks to Cooks summer day camp in Richmond Hill this summer. Choose from a variety of kids culinary summer camps for children of all ages.

Summer Camps in Richmond Hill

We’re super excited to announce the opening of our newest location at St. Matthew’s United Church @ 333 Crosby Ave., Richmond Hill. This facility is newly fitted with state-of-the-art air-conditioning to ensure your young Chefs are comfortable while cooking! The kids will be cooking in a beautiful 1,400 square feet hall while taking advantage of a full commercial kitchen with 2 stoves, a triple sink and an industrial dishwasher. When it’s break time, the facility is only a 5-minute walk away from Crosby Park where the kids can enjoy the outdoors and get some fresh air. We can’t wait to get cooking in this great community.

Summer Camp Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. each day.
(Before and after care available)


  • R2C Professional uniform:
    • Chef coat
    • Apron
    • Cut safe glove 
  • Camp Swag Bag
  • Daily recipe take homes to share with the family
  • Session recipe booklets
  • Program certificate
  • Experienced chef instructions
  • 1:6 staff to camper ratio for optimal safety and education

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Rooks to Cooks is operating its Summer Camps through the rental of facilities.  Rooks to Cooks is not affiliated with the Church.

All recipes have vegetarian and nut-free alternatives. 

Most recipes also have gluten-free and vegan substitutions. All substitutions are pre-listed in your program package.






Beginner Cooking Camps

We recommend this program for youth ages  6 – 10 who have little to no previous experience in the kitchen. This is meant to be an introductory course, while still challenging our Rooks to work their way into our Intermediate programs this summer! 

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Intermediate Cooking Camps

We recommend this program for youth ages  8 – 12  who have some previous experience in the kitchen. This is meant to reinforce and sharpen their current kitchen skills to work their way into our Advanced programs this summer!

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Advance Cooking Camps

We recommend this program for youth ages 10  – 16  who have a good level of previous experience in the kitchen. Advanced courses are ideal for students who have taken Rooks to Cooks or other cooking programs in the past.  This is meant to challenge all kitchen skills and allow their creativity to shine!

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Baking for Beginners


Start date:  25 July 2022
End date: 29 July 2022

To teach our beginner bakers foundational baking and culinary skills while building their confidence, the most important ingredient needed to live a successful life. Upon completion of this program, campers will leave with the knowledge, experience and understanding of how to confidently prepare over 15 of our signature bakes independently and safely at home. 

Inspired by our very popular Budding Bakers course, Baking for Beginners is a fun and inviting baking program designed for beginner bakers with a passion for the sweet side of life. 

This program is perfect for campers with little to no experience. Let’s kick off their culinary journey together; enroll your beginner baker today! 

Menu sneak peek: Sweet and Salty Chocolate Chip Cookies, Coconut Key Lime Pie, Seedy Brioche Hamburger Buns, Strawberry Sorbet and Cookies and Cream Cupcakes

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In Budding Bakers we focus on mastering the basics, building your child’s kitchen confidence, independence and self-sufficiency, and most importantly teaching them how to navigate a kitchen safely. Our passionate chef instructors will be there every step of the way to teach and guide your child, ensuring their success every time. 

 Our innovative recipes have been carefully selected to engage, educate and inspire your budding baker, while providing opportunities for hands on practice and to learn useful pastry theory. Your child will prepare their own lunch daily and execute a wide range of both sweet and savoury recipes including cookies, cakes, pies, breads and even ice cream! 

Budding Bakes (Intermediate)


Start date:  2 August 2022
End date: 5 August 2022 (4 Day Week)

 To teach our campers foundational baking skills, while building their knowledge and self-confidence in and out of the kitchen. Upon completing the program, campers will leave with the knowledge and skills to bake independently at home and share their brilliant bakes with the family for years to come. 

Budding bakers is a fun and intensive baking camp to engage your aspiring chefs with a passion for the sweet side of life. This program will teach our campers all the core baking techniques and theories, emphasizing the foundations of baking to provide a framework for them to build off of for years to come!

Beginner bakers are encouraged to partake in Baking for Beginners prior to enrolling in Budding Bakers. 

Menu sneak peek: Traditional Italian Biscotti, Raspberry Ripple Cheesecake Bar, Sourdough Loaf, Lemon Blueberry Scones, Cookies and Cream Ice Cream with Homemade Oreos 

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Each day we will focus on new techniques and pastry theories, ensuring your child gets a comprehensive education in the pastry arts. The campers will then execute recipes that utilize this new knowledge as they prepare their own lunch and various other baked goods to take home and share with the family. A wide variety of sweet and savoury bakes are featured in this program such as cookies, cakes, bars, breads, loaves, pies, ice cream and more!! 

Leaving the program, our bakers-to-be will know a wide range of baking techniques, the science behind the ratios that make their baked goods so delicious, and, of course, the practical experience needed to recreate the magic at home! 

Around the World (Intermediate)


Start date: 8 August 2022
End date: 12 August 2022

To teach our campers fundamental life and cooking skills while introducing them to new foods and flavours from around the world. Through this program, they will develop a deeper appreciation for other cultures and their cuisines, as well as the practical cooking skills and knowledge needed to help prepare meals at home.

Around the World is back again, and ready to take flight! This program will take our campers on a trip across the globe, visiting some of the most iconic food cultures in the world and featuring dishes from each cuisine. 

Around the World is the destination for learning proper knife skills, cooking techniques, foundational pastry skills, and diverse cooking methods. Graduating campers will leave with the cooking skills and self-confidence to prepare and execute these vibrant recipes at home for your family. 

Menu sneak peek:

Monday: Vietnam  Tuesday: Middle East  Wednesday: Japan  Thursday: Italy  Friday: Mexico 

Menu Sneak Peak

Banh Mi Sandwiches, Chicken Shawarma with Homemade Pitas, Sushi with Miso Soup, Hand Cut Pappardelle with a Traditional Italian Ragu, Mexican Street Corn and Homemade Corn Tortillas  

Perfecting Pastries (Intermediate/Advanced)


Start date: 15 August 2022
End date: 19 August 2022

To teach our campers advanced pastry skills and knowledge while building their confidence in themselves and their abilities. Upon completing this program, our campers will understand the foundations of pastry preparation and have the skills and confidence to execute these recipes independently at home. 

This year we’re raising the bar in this advanced pastry program! Perfecting Pastries is designed to challenge your chefs-in-training and teach them how to prepare recipes they otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to make. This program will feature a wide range of high-level pastries and baked goods, such as laminated doughs, bread, creams and custards, candies, pies and tarts, and showstopping cakes! Your child will explore all that you can create with butter, sugar, flour and everything in-between! 

Menu sneak peek: Homemade S’mores Twix Bars, Mixed Berry Mille Feuille, Chocolate Croissants, Sourdough Baguettes, Showstopping Geode Cake with Homemade Candy and Fondant 


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Campers will prepare their own culinary creations for lunch everyday, however, the focus will be more-so on the sweets. We will delve into the importance of science in successful baking, and we place an emphasis on teaching theory so your pastry-chef-to-be will know all the why’s behind baking thereby ensuring their continued success in the kitchen.

Perfecting Pastries differs from Budding Bakers in that we will focus on more advanced pastry skills and techniques, and prepare more complex recipes that involve multiple steps and components. As such, it is recommended that participants partake in Budding Bakers or come with a substantial level of baking experience prior to enrollment. 

After a week of hands-on practice and learning about pastry theory, they will build confidence in themselves to take on new challenges. Our experienced chefs will be there to guide and support your aspiring pastry chef through learning all the tricks of the trade. 

Sizzling Summers (Beginners)


Start date:  22 August 2022
End date: 26 August 2022

To teach our campers fundamental life and culinary skills through the preparation of delicious and nutritious summer-inspired recipes. In completing Sizzling Summer, campers will leave with the knowledge, experience and understanding of how to prepare over 15 of our signature summer recipes independently at home. 

We’re turning up the heat this summer with a NEW and exciting beginner camp program, Sizzling Summer. In Sizzling Summer, campers will learn both foundational culinary and pastry skills while they slice and dice their way through 3+ innovative summer-inspired recipes every day! 

If your child has an interest in both baking and cooking, is ready to expand their palates, and is excited to take their kitchen skills to the next level, then Sizzling Summer is the perfect program for them. We hope to see you there!

Menu sneak peek: Buffalo Wraps with Homemade Ranch, Burgers on a Homemade Bun With House Made Dill Pickles, Watermelon Sorbet and Lemon Bars 

Master Chef (Intermediate/Advanced)


Start date:  29 August 2022
End date: 2 September 2022 

To teach our campers advanced culinary skills and knowledge while building their confidence in themselves and their abilities. Upon completion of this program, our campers will understand a wide range of culinary theories, how to use ratios and their foundational knowledge to cook without recipes, and have the skills and confidence to cook independently at home. 

Master Chef is back and better than ever! For newcomers, our highly popular Master Chef program is all about teaching our students to be creative with food and ultimately cook with their hearts more than their heads! How do we teach this, you ask? Simply by incorporating daily afternoon challenges and group recipe development exercises only offered by Rooks to Cooks. 

Menu sneak peek:

The daily challenges are as follows:  Monday – Risotto Recipe, Tuesday – Cake Boss, Wednesday – Iron Chef  Thursday – Chopped!  Friday – Pop-up preparation 

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All our afternoon challenges are preceded with power house culinary theory meant to guide your master chef-in-the-making to success during their challenges. First and foremost, we build these challenges to be fun, while at the same time they are meant to motivate our campers to help them find their unique cooking style. Our goal is to have the challenges act as a platform for our chef-in-the-making, so they can soar as confident, creative and skilled young cooks.

In addition to the daily challenges, we will spend the mornings teaching our campers more advanced cooking techniques and theory, helping them to build their knowledge and skill in the culinary arts. They will, of course, have hands-on practice through the preparation of 2-3 daily recipes excluding those completed in the challenges. These recipes will act as their daily lunch and take homes to share with the family. 

Due to the challenging nature of this program, it is recommended that our Master Chef students complete at least one intermediate or advanced camp session prior to registration in order to learn the basic skills of the kitchen beforehand. Beginners are not permitted to join this session.  

Age Disclaimer

Here at Rooks to Cooks, we believe “age is just a number”. We recognize and appreciate that maturity levels vary drastically between children and that your child’s age might not be the best indicator of their abilities. If your child wishes to participate in a session but they do not meet the minimum age requirements, do not fret! We are open to accepting them and would love to help work with you to determine whether or not taking part is the best decision for them. To inquire if this is indeed your child’s situation, please email to begin the discussion. We look forward to hearing from you!