Around the World Round Trip (Ages 8-14)


Course Description

Inspired by our iconic Around the World and Around the world First class summer camp programs, Around the World Round Trip is your child’s one way ticket to a culinary reawakening! Around the World Round Trip is a 8 week culinary adventure that is sure to tingle those taste buds! Each day we will visit a different country and prepare 2+ recipes honouring that food culture. Whether your child is interested in learning foundational cooking skills, eager to have fun, learn about different cultures or are just here to eat, Around the World Round Trip is their destination.

In this program, we teach our students proper knife skills, conventional cooking methods, some baking and pastry skills, and foundational cooking techniques. Through the preparation of 16+ traditional recipes from 8 different countries, there’s no doubt their inner chef will take flight. In addition to the cooking skills learned during this week, campers will work with a large variety of ingredients and leave us with the knowledge, experience and confidence to independently execute recipes at home. Join us for our most adventurous and palate-enticing week!

Buckle up for our 2019 itinerary:

Week 1: China

Week 2: England

Week 3: Germany

Week 4: India

Week 5: Middle East

Week 6: Morocco

Week 7: Poland

Week 8: Thailand

Here at Rooks to Cooks, we believe food is meant to be shared! At the end of each day, your chef-in-the-making will bring home portions of their daily creations to share with you and your family.

Goal: Our goal is to equip our students  with integral life and cooking skills while exposing them to 16+ authentic dishes from around the world meant to open their minds to new foods and flavours, and gain an appreciation for other cultures.