Around the World (Ages 7+)


Course Description

Day of the week: Wednesdays or Thursdays


Get ready for your inner chef to take flight with delicious recipes, hands-on cooking, and cultural exploration without leaving the country! Around the World Round Trip is your child’s one-way ticket to a culinary reawakening. This gastronomic adventure is sure to tingle those taste buds as students prepare 12+ recipes from 5 different countries! In each class, we prepare an authentic dish honouring the food culture of the day.

OVERVIEW: Our goal is to equip students with integral life and cooking skills by exposing them to authentic dishes from around the world. We aim to open their minds to new foods and flavours so they may gain an appreciation for other cultures. Students will acquire the knowledge, experience and confidence to independently execute recipes at home! 


Specific teaching goals: 
  1. Propose knife skills 
  2. Foundational cooking methods 
  3. Some baking and pastry skills 
  4. Entry level cooking techniques 
Countries covered: 
  • Vietnam 
  • Greece 
  • Italy 
  • Thailand 
  • France 
Menu sneak peek: Bahn Mi Sandwich, Vegetarian Pad Thai and Parisian Gnocchi in a brown butter sage sauce