Course Description

Day of the week: Tuesdays

Start Date: January 7th

End Date: March 10th

Culinary Foundations is a fun, hands-on introductory cooking program designed to teach your child simple nutrition knowledge, cooking basics, kitchen safety and sanitation and build kitchen confidence by developing their cooking skills

Over the course of the 11 weeks, students will work with a wide variety of ingredients through the hands-on preparation of our selection of scrumptious and nutritious recipes. All graduating students will leave with basic cooking skills, entry level nutrition knowledge and the confidence to showcase their skills at home.

OVERVIEW: Our goal is to equip our students with integral life and foundational cooking skills while exposing them to 15+ delicious and healthy dishes. 


Specific teaching goals: 
  1. Learn safe and proper knife skills 
  2. Exposure to fundamental cooking skills, such as pan work and assembly type tasks. 
  3. Challenge students by increasing the difficulty of the dishes; start with items that require only knife work and advance to multi-component items that involve cutting and cooking concurrently. 
  4. Introduction of nutrition theories and how to fuel our bodies effectively 
Menu sneak peek: Teriyaki tofu lettuce wraps, Rainbow soba noodle salad, risotto with a side salad