Course Description

Day of the week: Mondays

Start Date: January 6th

End Date: March 9th

Knives are the most important tool in any chef’s kitchen! Mastering knife skills safely, confidently and efficiently is integral to any cook’s path to safe and successful cooking at home. This belief inspired the creation of our newest and most innovative program yet — Cutting Edge Chefs!

Whether your child is interested in mastering knife skills, eager to have fun, learn about nutrition or are just here to eat, Cutting Edge Chef’s is the program for them.

OVERVIEW: Our goal is to equip students with integral knife skills, as well as educate our students on basic kitchen safety and how to maintain ideal nutritional practices. Students will become increasingly more confident and skilled in knife work by slicing and dicing their way through 10 delicious weeks! 


Specific teaching goals: 
  1. Exposure to foundational blade instruments such as knives, microplanes, peelers and graters. 
  2. Learn specific knife skills, such as slicing, dicing, chopping and mincing, through daily demonstrations, hands on practice and corrective guidance from our chef instructors. 
  3. Students prepare up 18 non-cook recipes that emphasize knife work from start to finish. 
  4. Learn about nutritional significance of each dish
Menu sneak peek: Apple & cabbage slaw, Ribboned carrot tabouli, Veggie glass noodle salad