Sweet and Savoury (Ages 8-14)


Course Description

Is your chef-in-the-making passionate about both the culinary AND pastry arts? They just can’t choose a side, nor want to choose a side? Well have no fear, Sweet & Savoury is here! Inspired by our highly popular, Sweet & Savoury Summer day camp, our Sweet & Savoury after school program is going to take you by storm! In Sweet & Savoury your multi-talented chef-to-be will learn both cooking and pastry theory while gaining hands-on experience in both fields. Every week we will rotate our focus, alternating between preparing 1-2 sweet recipes and savoury recipes. Through the participation of our program, your aspiring chef  will learn both savoury and sweet cooking techniques and foundational culinary theory. Sweet & Savoury is the best of both worlds.

Just like all our other programs, each day your chef-in-the-making will bring home a portion of their daily creations to share with you and your family. A sweet deal if you ask us!

Goal: Our goal is to equip our students with both pastry and culinary skills and knowledge meant to help build their confidence in and out of the kitchen. Upon completion of our program, our students will feel prepared to independently execute recipes at home and obtain the skills necessary to assist with dinner preparation and/or even make their own lunches.