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Aspiring chefs will have a fantastic time preparing, eating and sharing a scrumptious dish that they created at your class.

The Service

  • 2+ Chef instructors will arrive at the space of your choice 1 hour prior to your party to set up.
  • Chefs will bring all the necessary ingredients, equipment, uniforms and loot bag materials




  • Parties range in length from 1.5 hours to 2 hours
  • Following the class, chefs will clean up your space completely.
  • The birthday child will get to keep their chef coat & apron as a birthday present from Rooks to Cooks. In addition, they will receive a birthday card from CEO Chef Shai Mandel
  • Chefs will then run the class of your choice:
    • Pizza party (5+)
    • Pasta party (5+)
    • Lollipop party (7+)
    • Pie Party (7+)
    • Doughnut Party (7+)
    • Sushi Party (7+)
  We have 6 classes to choose from!  
Pizza Party (5+)
Duration: 1.5 Hours

Number of children: 6 – 12

Price per child: $55.00

Pizza is most definitely a birthday party staple, so why not make the pizza at the party?! In our pizza party, participants will learn all the ticks of the trade when preparing their own Neapolitan style pizzas and pizza dough from scratch. First participants will learn how to stretch, top, and bake their pizzas. Then, while their pizzas are baking, your chef instructors will demonstrate how to prepare traditional Neapolitan style pizza dough.  Students will then prepare their own batch of pizza dough to take home and share with their family, as well as get to eat or take home (your choice) their freshly baked custom pizza! Simple, educational and delicious, you can’t go wrong with our pizza party class!


Choose 3 toppings:



-Green pepper


-Red onion


-Fresh basil


Take home: 10 inch custom pizza & 2 portions of Neapolitan style pizza dough + recipe cards for our homemade pizza sauce and pizza dough.

Pasta Party (5+)
Duration: 1.5 Hours

Number of children: 6 – 12

Price per child: $55

Get your party rocking and rolling with our fresh pasta party! In our pasta party class, participants will learn the foundations for fresh pasta making as well as get to prepare their own batches of fresh pasta to take home and share with their families. The class begins with a demonstration of how to prepare pasta dough from scratch using the traditional “well” method and a lesson on the differences between fresh and dried pasta. Second, your chef instructors will provide the group with a full demonstration on how to work manual pasta machines and cut linguini, spaghetti and parppardelle. Last, participants will then have the opportunity to roll and cut their own fresh pasta noodles any style they would like. The chef will then cook off their batch in a simple olive oil & garlic sauce for the group to taste and discuss. Our pasta party class is a truly a unique and exciting class for students of any age!

Take home: 250g of raw fresh pasta noodles of any style + fresh pasta recipe card

For an additional $10.00 a participant can prepare fresh sweet potato, ricotta ravioli!

Lollipop Party (7+)
Duration: 1.5 Hours

Number of children: 6 – 12

Price per child: $55

Short and sweet, our lollipop Party is a sure win for a crowd of any age. In this class participants will learn the basics of sugar work and entry-level candy making. Your chef instructors will teach the group how to temper sugar, prepare old fashion cornstarch candy molds, and pour molten candy to result in homemade lollipops! Participants, in pairs, will then have the opportunity to prepare a batch of lollipops in the flavour, shape and size of their choosing. Not only will they leave with an abundance of delicious lollipops, they will leave with the knowledge of how to recreate the magic at home.  This class is sure to hit the sweet spot!


Take home: 10 – 12 Lollipops + a lollipop recipe card


Pie Party (7+)
Duration: 2 Hours

Number of children: 6 – 12

Price per child: $65

Throw a pie party with us and say goodbye to tough, crumbly, and sticky crusts. Through step-by-step instruction, multiple demonstrations and hands-on support, participants will learn to make the perfect seasonal pie. During this class, your chef instructors will delve into the science behind gluten development and optimal fats in order to help our students understand how to achieve the perfect crust and filling. In addition to their new found knowledge, participants will leave the class with their own raw pie, recipe and baking instructions for future baking adventures.


Take home: One 9 inch seasonal pie (raw) + pie crust & filling recipe cards

Delectable Doughnuts Party (7+)
Duration: 2 Hours

Number of children: 6 – 10

Price per child: $65

Our Delectable doughnuts class is a fun and delicious way to learn the art of doughnut making, while letting your creativity take flight. During the class, participants will learn how to roll, cut, fry and decorate ½ dozen brioche doughnuts through multiple demonstrations and hands on instruction. Participants can choose from variety of traditional and non-traditional toppings and glazes, allowing them to customize their tasty creations. Following the class, each participant will leave us with ½ dozen freshly made doughnuts, all the recipes prepared in class, and the knowledge to recreate the magic at home! This class is a hit for doughnut lovers of all ages!


Toppings include:


-Potato chips

-Cinnamon sugar

-Oreo crumbs


Glazes include:

-Milk glaze

-Krispy Kreme copy cat

-Chocolate glaze


Take home: ½ Brioche doughnuts + Recipe cards


Sushi Party (7+)
Duration: 1.5 Hours

Number of children: 6 – 12

Price per child: $65

Get your party rolling with our signature sushi class. Through step-by-step instruction and guided practice, participants will learn how to prepare their own customized maki creations. First, your chef instructors will teach the group the ancient art of sushi rice preparation through a demonstration of how to wash, cook and season sushi rice. Next participants will learn and then practice their knife skills through prepping the filling options. Last, using bamboo sushi mats, the group will roll and shape their own maki. Each participant will leave with 3-4 customized maki rolls, recipes for sushi rice and various maki variations, and the experience to prepare maki confidently at home.


Filling options (select 4):



-Red pepper



-Sweet potato


Take home: 3-4 customized maki rolls + sushi rice recipe card & maki variations