Birthday Partie

Hungry for fun? Book a unique & exciting birthday party!

Let us help you plan a delicious cooking party for your chef-to-be and make their special day extra special!

Aspiring young chefs will have a fantastic time preparing, eating and sharing a scrumptious dish that they created at your party.

The Service

Due to Covid-19 we are not hosting any in person birthday parties

All parties will be conducted live on zoom until further notice 

  • All parties are conducted LIVE on zoom    


  • Rooks to Cooks with provide a digital program package inclusive of a consolidated shopping list, recipes, equipment needs and set up instructions 


  • On the day of your event, 1 – 2 experienced and passionate chefs will lead the group through the recipe of choice.


  • Students will learn new skills, recipes and knowledge as they slice and dice their way through the chosen menu.


  • Party includes 1 hour of self-guided zoom time post class to allow for cake cutting and socialization time 



We offer two different class structures depending on your child’s preference


Our hungry to learn class structure is perfect for a birthday chef-to-be who’s keen to learn new culinary techniques, new recipes and celebrate their special day through the process. This class format resembles a more formal learning environment where chefs will spend more time and attention teaching their students proper culinary techniques and super interesting culinary facts. The skills taught and theory shared are differ depending the menu of choice. 


Inspired by the popular Netflix show “Nailed It” this class structure is meant to infuse a little friendly competition in your child’s birthday party. The goal of the class is to execute and plate the dish as per the chefs demonstration. The participant who presents a dish closest to the chef’s in both appearance and execution will be crowned the Nailed It champion of your group and win bragging rights for all of eternity. 

  We have 6 class menus to choose from!  

Pizza Party (5+)

Duration: 2 Hours


  • $300.00 plus tax for up to 8 participants (1 chef)
  • $350.00 plus tax for 9+ participants (2 chefs)

Pizza is most definitely a birthday party staple, so why not make pizza the party?! In our pizza party, participants will learn all the tricks of the trade when preparing their own Neapolitan style pizzas and side caesar salads completely from scratch. Simple, educational and delicious, you can’t go wrong with our pizza party class!

Choose 3 toppings:



-Green pepper


-Red onion


-Fresh basil


This class yields 2 full sized pizzas and 4 portions of side caesar salad

Pasta Party (5+)

Duration: 1.5 Hours


  • $280.00 plus tax for up to 8 participants (1 chef)
  • $330.00 plus tax for 9+ participants (2 chefs)

Get your party rocking and rolling with our fresh pasta party! In our pasta party class, participants will learn the foundations of fresh pasta making as they prepare their own batches of fresh pasta and sauce to devour with their families. Our pasta party class is truly a unique and exciting class for students of any age!

Choose your pasta shape: 



-Farfalle (bow ties) 

Choose your sauce: 

-Tomato Basil 

-Fresh tomato and garlic 

-Pumpkin seed and basil pesto 


This class yeilds 4 dinner sized portions of fresh pasta 

Sushi Party (7+)

Duration: 1.5 – 2 Hours


  • $300.00 plus tax for up to 8 participants (1 chef)
  • $350.00 plus tax for 9+ participants (2 chefs)

Get your party rolling with our signature sushi class. Through step-by-step instruction and guided practice, participants will learn how to prepare their own customized maki creations. First, your chef instructors will teach the group the ancient art of sushi rice preparation. While their rice is cooking, participants will learn and then practice their knife skills through prepping the filling options. As the rice cools, participants will prepare spicy aioli completely from scratch, and last using bamboo sushi mats, the group will roll and shape their own maki.  

Filling options (select 4):



-Red pepper



-Imitation crab 


This class yields 4 maki rolls per participant 

Pie Party (6+)

Duration: 2 Hours


  • $300.00 plus tax for up to 8 participants (1 chef)
  • $350.00 plus tax for 9+ participants (2 chefs)

Throw a pie party with us and say goodbye to tough, crumbly, and sticky crusts. Through step-by-step instruction, multiple demonstrations and hands-on support, participants will learn to make the perfect seasonal pie. During this class, your chef instructors will delve into the science behind gluten development and optimal fats in order to help our students understand how to achieve the perfect crust and filling. In addition to their new found knowledge, participants will end the class with their own raw pie, recipe and baking instructions for future baking adventures.

Filling options: 


-Mixed Berry 


-Strawberry rhubarb 

This class yields 1 x 9 inch seasonal pie (raw) 

Cupcake Party (5+)

Duration: 2 Hours


  • $300.00 plus tax for up to 8 participants (1 chef)
  • $350.00 plus tax for 9+ participants (2 chefs)

There is no debating that cake is a critical birthday party staple, so why not make cake the party!? In our cupcake party class, your child and their friends will learn to make, bake and decorate 12 cup cakes in their choice of flavour. In the process they will learn the all the tricks of the trade for preparing cake, the secrets to the fluffiest buttercream, and chef tips for decorating beautifully. This class is a true treat for all involved! 

Cake Options:



-Red Velvet 


Frosting Options:

-Vanilla Buttercream 

-Peanutbutter Buttercream 

-Cream cheese Buttercream 


This class yields 12 cupcakes 

Cookie Party (7+)

Duration: 1.5 – 2 Hours


  • $300.00 plus tax for up to 8 participants (1 chef)
  • $350.00 plus tax for 9+ participants (2 chefs)

Our cookie party class is a fun and delicious way to learn the art of cookie making, while celebrating your birthday chef-to-be. During the class, participants will learn how to make, bake and decorate 2 different types cookies of their choice.  Throughout the class, their chef will share their tips and tricks to executing the perfect cookie, and share valuable knowledge to keep the participants engaged and learning. Simple, fun and delicious, you can’t go wrong with our cookie class! 

Cookie options (select 2): 

Sprinkle cookies 

-Coconut macaroons 

-Vanilla shortbread 

-Lemon poppyseed shortbread 


-Chocolate Crinkle Cookies 

-Salted chocolate chip 

-Vegan & Gluten free Chocolate Chip 


Rolled Cookie Options (Select 1): 

-Empire cookies 

-Chai vanilla cream sandwich cookies 

-Gingerbread with royal icing 


This class yields 2 dozen cookies of your choice 



8 + 11 =