Master Chef Around the World (Ages 11+)

Campers will gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to prepare dishes from scratch without the use of recipes


course description

July 6 – July 10

Objective: To instill in our Masterchefs the skills, knowledge and confidence to prepare dishes from scratch without the use of recipes. After this program, our campers will have the self-confidence and skills, both in and out of the kitchen, to take on new challenges and think creatively and critically about food. 

Our popular Masterchef challenge is going worldwide! This program is all about teaching our students to think creatively about cooking, and create dishes from their hearts more than their heads. This week will take our Masterchefs on a trip across the globe, visiting Korea, the Caribbean, Portugal, Greece and Japan. Each day will begin with culinary theory, cooking demonstrations, and vibrant recipes that highlight different cooking techniques and flavour profiles. They’ll learn recipes that reflect each country’s individual cuisine, and create dishes that will serve as their lunch for the day. 

In the afternoon, our campers will have the chance to experiment with all the new flavours, produce and spices they’ve been exposed to on this culinary journey! We’ve taken our daily challenges and put a global spin on them. These challenges are designed to motivate our students to develop their own unique cooking style.

Following this program, campers will leave with the confidence, culinary theory and practical cooking skills to create and execute their own recipes at home. 

As always, we recommend our chefs-in-training check out our safety videos and practice their knife skills before camp, so they can get the most out of the program. 

Menu sneak peek: Trinidadian doubles (chickpea curry + fried bread), Piri Piri chicken and bulgogi (korean bbq beef)

The best part: here at Rooks to Cooks, we believe food is meant to be shared! At the end of each day, your chef-in-training will bring home portions of their daily creations to share with you and your family. 

  • Lunch included everyday
  • This program has a Pop Up Restaurant