Virtual Culinary Classroom


Rooks to Cooks is pleased to announce the launch of our NEW LIVE VIRTUAL COOKING PROGRAMS!

All of these programs will be offered through Zoom where attendees will have the opportunity to learn from our Chefs and interact with their peers in a live virtual classroom. Recipes and set up instructions will be sent immediately following registration so you have ample time to arrange the materials and get organized for your class. Don’t fret, all recipes have been selected and designed to require common household cooking tools, easy to access ingredients AND accommodate various substitutions. 

  1. Rooks to Cooks Virtual Academy (Weekly classes)
  2. Rooks to Cooks Virtual Summer Camps (Week long half day camps)
  3. Rooks to Cooks Drop In Classes (Pick and choose which classes you would like to attend)

Virtual classes/camps are a great way to: 

  • Learn new cooking/baking skills and knowledge while social distancing 
  • Socialize and interact with new friends from the comfort of your own home
  • Add new recipes to your current repertoire 
  • Have some fun & take your mind off of this stressful time 

At Rooks to Cooks, we emphasize delivering only the best high value programs. As such class sizes are small to permit optimal interaction with your Chef and peers.

Our online programs are divided into 3 categories depending on the learning goals and ages of the participants: 


 “Thank you so much for your responsiveness in creating and sharing the consolidated shopping list… SOOO helpful. Today was V’s first day of virtual cooking class and she was a little nervous about what to expect… but I’m happy to say she LOVED IT! The ‘getting ready’ instructions were excellent, we had everything measured out and she was able to participate in the class with very little need for parental support. She felt very proud of her results and the baking has already been eaten by her parents, and shared with neighbours and friends. Well done and keep up the great work!”

 Jenny R. 

 “My 8 year old daughter did a week long baking dessert making camp last year and it was revolutionary for her! This year, due to COVID, we could only do a virtual class. We’re doing Brilliant Bakers and I take a little time off (just half an hour to set up and 1.5 hours for the class) on Fridays to supervise my daughter. It’s a treat for both of us! Great bonding time and we’re both learning! If your child were older the supervision required would probably be minimal but I don’t mind it one bit. Very well organized course and great virtual set up on the chef’s end (2 cameras) and easy registration process for me. I highly recommend Rooks To Cooks programs and your child will gain independence while doing a virtual class and have a great product to enjoy at the end!”

– Chantal V.

Dear Chef Shai, I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful experience you and Chef Helen have given K. She is constantly telling me that she is fine, doesn’t need my help and is a real chef now. She is looking forward to continuing with her learning from Rooks to Cooks virtually this summer”

– Sheva O

“My daughter A is having a blast. She Looks forward to every week and the one day a week is super manageable for us to get the ingredients from the store. So we are definitely spreading the word to our friends and neighbours.”

– Fay A.

My boys had a fantastic time baking last week.  I thought the virtual program was very well organized and simple to follow.   Baking is so much easier than I thought!  Although it took a little more planning from me, the boys truly enjoyed making all of the dishes and they especially loved the coconut macaroons, the challah bread and the chocolate moist cake.  What I also loved is that the camp kept the boys busy all afternoon, which meant that they were not on their phones!  It helped to build their confidence in the kitchen and showed them the importance of organization as well as patience!

 – Liane T. 

Rooks to Cooks Virtual Academy

  • Recommended for children and teens
  • Weekly courses 
  • Duration of 4 weeks (4 classes in total)

Rooks to Cooks Virtual Summer Camps

  • Recommended for children & teens 
  • Week long virtual camps
  • Half day either AM or PM

Rooks to Cooks Virtual Drop In Classes

  • Recommended for children, teens and families
  • Drop in schedule
  • Classes are 1.5 hours long as frequently as you would like