By Chef Kenzie Osborne, Rooks to Cooks

Budding Bakers!

As the summer continues to whiz by, our young chefs continue to impress us with their culinary talent, enthusiasm towards cooking/baking, and an abundance of questions about all things food! We love teaching our young chefs, sharing all our knowledge and watching them grow throughout the week. We only hope that our young chefs continue to improve their skills in their own kitchen at home and come back next summer to show us how much they’ve improved on their own! Or they can also try our after school cooking programs and birthday parties to get more practice throughout the school year.

At Rooks to Cooks, our mission is to empower our young chefs to become more independent by building self-confidence and supporting self-expression through culinary education! Of course, we all love the sweet and savoury delights that come out of our kitchens every day, but more importantly, we hope to inspire our young chefs to build confidence and independence in AND out of the kitchen. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been particularly impressed by our young chefs and how they have demonstrated their ability to think outside of the box, clean up after themselves, be responsible leaders, express their creativity, and confidently step outside of their comfort zones.

My idea for this blog post is to FEATURE several young chefs so that their thoughts and opinions could be heard. I asked our chefs-in-training the following questions:

  • Explain why you became interested in cooking
  • Describe your favourite thing about cooking
  • Reveal your favourite part about camp
  • Share an original delicious (and nutritious) meal idea

Their words were inspiring and enlightening – plus, they had some AMAZING ideas for nutritious meals that they were excited to try out at home. Honestly, over the past few days, I’ve tried out a few of these ideas, and I have been floored by the results! We certainly have some culinary innovators amongst us, and some serious talent that needs to be shared! So, without further ado, here are some words of wisdom from our young chefs…

Chef 1:

  • Why did you start cooking?: “I spent lots of time in the kitchen baking pancakes with mom and dad!”
  • Favourite part about cooking: “It’s amazingly fun!”
  • Favourite thing about camp: “I liked baking stuff – it was so much fun, and I made a lot of new friends.”
  • Nutritious meal idea: “Banana cookie with strawberry jam and sprinkles.”

Chef 2:

  • Why did you start cooking?: “I liked baking, and it showed my parents that I was responsible. I love helping my mom and dad with baking.”
  • Favourite part about cooking: “It’s a lot of fun and I love learning! It’s kind of like a kind of toy because you can play around with the gooey dough and sprinkle stuff on top of meals.”
  • Favourite thing about camp: “COOKING!”
  • Nutritious meal idea: “Kale chips, apricots, and raisins – make great snacks!”

Chef 3:

  • Why did you start cooking?: “I saw my parents cooking and wanted to give it a try!”
  • Favourite part about cooking: “I love mixing ingredients together and seeing (and tasting) the results!”
  • Favourite thing about camp: “I liked baking all of the food and taking it home to share with my family.”
  • Nutritious meal idea: “Yogurt with almond butter, honey, and fruit.”

Chef 4:

  • Why did you start cooking?: “I like cooking because you can do whatever you want! Then you can see how it turns out and eat it!”
  • Favourite part about cooking: “Eating what I made!”
  • Favourite thing about camp: “I liked experiencing different dishes that I normally wouldn’t get the chance to try!”
  • Nutritious meal idea: “Spanakorizo – rice, spinach, and feta cheese”

Chef 5:

  • Why did you start cooking?: “Food is just so tasty, I wanted to get to know how to make it!”
  • Favourite part about cooking: “I love the smell of food.”
  • Favourite thing about camp: “I loved making all the desserts!”
  • Nutritious meal idea: “Sponge cake with jam on top and fresh mixed berries.”

Chef 6:

  • Why did you start cooking?: “Because it’s really fun!”
  • Favourite part about cooking: “I love how fun it is and it’s kind of like a blank canvas, so you can do anything you want with it.”
  • Favourite thing about camp: “Cooking, hanging out with my sister, making pasta and pasta dough!”
  • Nutritious meal idea: “Butter chicken with broccoli and asparagus.”

Chef 7:

  • Why did you start cooking?: “In the mornings I was hungry but no one was up, so I learned to make my own pancakes and eggs!”
  • Favourite part about cooking: “Eating it after!”
  • Favourite thing about camp: “I liked looking at the demos and trying it out myself. I liked making the sponge cake and ravioli!”
  • Nutritious meal idea: “Black bean ramen noodles with eggs, homemade broth, tofu, carrots, and chives. It’s better than a packet of rice and it’s nice to have something homemade!”

Chef 8:

  • Why did you start cooking?: “I wanted to learn how to cook for my family, my grandma. I wanted to cook with my family and do more to help them in the kitchen.”
  • Favourite part about cooking: “Eating it, making food for my family, and helping out my family.”
  • Favourite thing about camp: “I liked meeting new people, and I loved EVERYTHING!”
  • Nutritious meal idea: “Fried rice with broccoli, cauliflower and chicken.”

Chef 9:

  • Why did you start cooking?: “I watched my mom and sister do it, and I wanted to join.”
  • Favourite part about cooking: “I like to use my hands and mix stuff up!”
  • Favourite thing about camp: “BAKING!”
  • Nutritious meal idea: “Frozen fruit “ice cream” – made with frozen bananas, strawberries, and blueberries!”

Chef 10:

  • Why did you start cooking?: “I like cooking and baking at home and baking with my parents.”
  • Favourite part about cooking: “Making cakes and decorating them!”
  • Favourite thing about camp: “BAKING!”
  • Nutritious meal idea: “Carrot cake banana cookie with milk and coconut “sprinkles” (food coloured coconut shreds).”

Chef 11:

  • Why did you start cooking?: “I didn’t know how to cook and I wanted to learn and feed my family.”
  • Favourite part about cooking: “Trying out new things.”
  • Favourite thing about camp: “Baking different desserts – I love sweets!”
  • Nutritious meal idea: “Lasagna with tomatoes, spinach, cheese, and whole wheat noodles.”

Chef 12:

  • Why did you start cooking:: “I tried it with my parents and it was really fun so I wanted to improve by myself.”
  • Favourite part about cooking: “Delicious food – I love eating it!”
  • Favourite thing about camp: “I like getting to take home treats to eat and share with my family.”
  • Nutritious meal idea: “Whole wheat tart with berries, dark chocolate chips, homemade whipped cream – all topped with dark chocolate-dipped strawberries and pineapples.”

WOW! Those sound like some DELICIOUS ideas! It looks like we have a few budding bakers and chefs amongst us! Thank you to our young chefs who volunteered to share their ideas – we loved hearing what you had to say!

We couldn’t be more excited to see our young chefs think outside of the box and experiment in their own kitchens at home. We know they have the techniques and skills to master the basic recipes, and we hope they continue to perfect their skills and create their own unique culinary creations. We encourage families to work together to make healthy, delicious recipes with their young chefs each and every week. We truly believe that being in the kitchen allows our young chefs to express themselves and develop their independence and confidence in the outside world! From all of us at Rooks to Cooks, we wish you a happy weekend filled with a bunch of flavourful goodies!!

** If you have specific questions regarding the nutritional information of a meal (or you would like to know how to make substitutions for vegan, gluten-free, or other dietary restrictions), feel free to reach out to me (Chef Kenzie) by sending an email to: If you are interested in more general nutritional information, head over to my personal blog at: