Sweet and Savoury Jr. (Ages 6 - 11)

The recipes prepared in our JR. program are carefully selected and well-suited for aspiring chefs ages 6-11.



July 8 – July 12 

August 26 – August 30th (at select locations)

Vegetarian, limited dairy and egg

Is your chef-in-the-making passionate about both the culinary AND pastry arts? They just can’t choose a side, nor want to choose a side? Well have no fear, Sweet & Savoury is here! Perfected and ready for service, Sweet & Savoury 2019 is going to take you by storm! In Sweet & Savoury JR., your multi-talented chef-to-be will learn both cooking and pastry theory and gain experience in both fields. In the mornings, we will prepare 2-3 savoury recipes, focusing on savoury cooking techniques and foundational culinary theory. While in the afternoons, we will change gears and strictly focus on pastry preparation, satisfying their sweet tooth. Sweet & Savoury is the best of both worlds.

The recipes prepared in our JR. program are carefully selected and well-suited for aspiring chefs ages 6-11. We do recommend that first time campers and/or beginners practice their knife skills and ability to read and execute recipes prior to camp to best prepare them for the tasks at hand. Regardless, we welcome beginners with open arms as our team of chefs will be there to help guide and support them during their time with us.

Just like all our other programs, each day your chef-in-the-making will bring home portions of their daily creations to share with you and your family. A sweet deal if you ask us!

Disclaimer: At Rooks to Cooks we are firm believers in exposing children to cooking activities as early as possible. With that being said, this session includes the use of chef knives, gas burners and other equipment that poses risk. If your child is on the younger end of the age bracket, we caution you to consider the maturity level of your child and determine whether or not you feel they are prepared to work with this equipment. Campers will be supervised and supported at all times in our classroom environment; however, we do require campers to understand that working with this equipment poses inherit risk and, in order to avoid injuries, they must follow our detailed safety guidelines. If we feel, at any time, that a camper is not ready to work with the designated equipment or they have demonstrated they are unable to execute the necessary safety guidelines, we reserve the right to make changes to their partner assignment and/or exclude the use of certain equipment in order to ensure the safety of your child.