Sweet and Savoury Sr. (Ages 11+)

Campers will learn both pastry and cooking skills through the preparation of both savoury and sweet recipes



August 10 – August 14

Objective: To teach our campers both pastry and cooking skills, along with the culinary theory and knowledge to build their self-confidence both in and out of the kitchen. Upon completing the program, students will be empowered and excited to execute recipes at home, and have the skills necessary to WOW in the kitchen.

Can’t decide between a sweet snack or a savoury treat? With our Sweet & Savoury program, there’s no need to choose a side. During the week, your multi-talented chef-in-training will learn fundamental cooking and baking techniques, proper knife skills, diverse cooking methods including how to utilize a wide range of plant-based proteins, and the value of teamwork in the kitchen. Each day they will prepare delicious and nutritious savoury dishes which will become their lunch, followed by pastry recipes of escalating difficulty to finish. If your fanatic foodie has an interest in both the culinary and pastry arts, then this is the session for them. Following their participation, not only will they have gained practical cooking and baking skills, they will also leave with an appreciation for vegetarian cuisine, the knowledge on how to work with a wide range of plant-based ingredients and know how to incorporate these alternative proteins into their meals at home. 

Our Sweet & Savoury Sr. program features more advanced recipes and is best suited for chefs aged 11 years and older. For our Sr. programs, we’re also adding a Chopped challenge into the week so our chefs can try their hand at cooking without a recipe from a surprise selection of ingredients! 

As always, we recommend our chefs-in-training check out our safety videos and practice their knife skills so they can get the most out of the program. Regardless, our chefs will be there to help guide and support your aspiring chef and challenge them to follow their instincts in the kitchen. 

Menu sneak peek: summer squash frittata, swedish cardamom knots, Argentinian beef empanadas, roasted grape and rosemary focaccia 

The best part: here at Rooks to Cooks, we believe food is meant to be shared! At the end of each day, your chef-in-training will bring home portions of their daily creations to share with you and your family.

  • Lunch included everyday
  • This program has a Pop Up Restaurant